Monday, August 24, 2009

Philippine Allstars Pictures at World Hip Hop Championship 2009

This is the picture of Philippine Allstars during the World Hip Hop Championship 2009!
At this time the crowd could hardly contain themselves as the 7 dancers hit the stage--so much so that thePhilippine Allstars had to leave the stage for a period and return after the love had calmed down.

Good thing they were worth the wait!

This choreography is the best Kenjhons has ever put together. The performance is the best I’ve ever seen of the Philippine Allstars. The costume is the most artistic effort the Philippine Allstars has ever undertaken. And, the stunts alone have taken “blow-ups” to a death-defying level that have never been dared by any other team.

Jab Buhay says, “There’s a difference between winning and success. Winning (at the World Hip-hop Championships) is getting a medal. But you guys (Philippine Allstars) succeeded (in the hearts of the people).” So yes, Philippine Allstars lost this time around, but Philippine Allstars really did not hear much about it.

Like Lawrence said "It is still a Celebrations!".


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