Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Philippine All-Stars: The World's Best

For few short days this summer hip-hop America got served. It was introduced to something much of the hip-hop world already knew: the Philippine All-Stars are the world’s best.

Take notice America, there’s a new definition of what it means to “represent.” With their gritty urban style and mind-blowing choreography the All-Stars showed up on our national stage and rocked-it all the way to another world title at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas this summer. While Rapper Nas is proclaiming that “hip-hop is dead”, and that might be true in Queens, the Philippine All-Stars showed-up like Doctor Frankenstein re-animating the impossible all the way to another world title.

Yeah, they’re for real.

Their style is original and might as well be from another planet because this crew is stellar. With moves that would have Cirque du Soleil fiendin’ for fix like a side-show wannabes, All-Stars brought their show to America’s biggest hip-hop stage opening-up MTV’s hit reality show America Best Dance Crew … and left the house breathless. The Philippine All-Stars are officially serving notice to America’s best that there is another rung to the ladder of excellence and it’s a ‘thrilla from Manilla.’

As for America's best dance crews...

Get in line Jabbawokeez.

Take a number Super Crew.

Kaba Modern, you know the score.

But wait, it only gets better….

In an interview to be released at length in our January 2009 issue, Risen magazine’s witnessed a selfless and God loving crew whose message of hope and change can come from the most unlikely of messengers. All-Star KenJhons Serrano says it best with, “Look, its not about us and our story. Without God none of this achievable. It’s all about His story. We are blessed to be representing the best, you know? With God’s story in each of our lives everyone gets to be a champion. Because we – everyone on the earth – are all stars in God’s eyes.”

And this unending passion to represent “His Story” is what is so refreshing about this young dance crew from the Philippines. Many of the All-Stars have life stories of poverty, homelessness, and tremendous personal conflicts. Their very lives are stained with the toughest that life can throw at them. Yet through a collective desire to stay grounded on God’s love for them, prayer, and an undying faith that through God all things are possible they stand victorious in God’s light.

So do your YouTube, Myspace, and Google searches on the best of the best, the Philippine All-Stars. Get your popcorn ready and be ready to be rocked with a Filippino pride and a love for the one true God!


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